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Volume 3, Issue 1

March 27, 2023

"We're thrilled to serve up this spicy little creature: flipping through our digital pages on this issue, readers will enjoy social media consumerism, gnashing monster maws, tongue-in-cheek recipes, and… y'all, a lot of cannibalism."

Read the Letter from the Editor

Barrett white, editor-in-chief


Bread and Relish

Hilary Ayshford


Alex J. Barrio

The Trembling Harp String

Carew S. Bartley

Should Have Got Off the Bus When You Could

Joyce Bingham


Sophia Carlisle

You Should Smile More

August Blaine Centauri

Revenge (sweet) & Mad Scientist's Putrinesca

Zoe Davis

The Bounty We Are About to Receive

Eirik Gumeny

A Stew for the New Year

S.M. Hallow

It Starts With Forgetting

Chelsea Jackson

Sweet Nothings

Cecilia Kennedy

Evil at the Door

Logan McConnell


Samir Sirk Morató

Food Desert

Samir Sirk Morató

The Registry

Sophie Panzer

The Storage Closet at the Murray Public Library

Stephanie Sanders-Jacob


Lesbian Bed Death

Elizabeth Anne Schwartz


Not Quite

Abby Sundeen


Catching the Westbound

Gregg Voss


7th Culkin

John M. Withers IV & Eliza Gaston


Rice Seaweed Vegetable

Callie S. Blackstone


Danny Fantom

Kindness is Always in Reach When You Have a Pair of Tongs

Debbie Feit

The Alpha Consumer

James Marchiori

Wish You Were Here

Desiree McCullough


Some people die and go to Hell, where they

Gale Acuff

Love Letter to the Butcher

James Ambrose


D.W. Baker


Nicholas Barnes

Polluted Oxytocin

Sadee Bee


Nicole Cleary


Nicole Cleary

Doing Latin

James D’Angelo


James D’Angelo

Planning the Menu

Isabelle Evans

To wait in the evergreens

Richard Fox

The Monster Part

Erich von Hungen


Scott T. Hutchison

Day 22

H.K.G. Lowery

Snow Moon in the Year of the Disappearing Forests

Eleonora Luongo

When You Become the Mother Tree, We Will Never Again Be Lonely

Eleonora Luongo

Banana Bread Wife

Hatteras Mange


Abby Moeller

Busted Bubblegum Brain

Caroline Morris

The darkness continues to pout;

Caroline Morris

The Big Crunch: Many Poems Written by Many People In One Body

Tadgh Murphy


SOUM (Screams of Unfettered Minds)

Vagina Dentata

Syd Shaw

An Invitation

Kelli Simpson

House Nostalgia in Perspective

Terry Trowbridge

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