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By Abby Moeller

thumb numb and calloused

rough from incessant

tapping and swiping

across the now greasy screen

ad after ad after ad

the same smiling faces

the same top ten giftable gifts

from this that and every other web store in between

the ads fly by

shoved away by my annoyed thumb

looking for the real content

the truths

the heartaches

the pain of holidays spent

with loved ones missing

with strained emotions and hearts

ad after ad after ad

shoved down throats

boasting happy holiday memories

mocking those

who don’t wish to be consumed

by the avalanche of ads


Abby Moeller (she/her) is a writer based in WNY who explores her writing in forms varying from poetry to dramatic monologues to epic fantasy stories. Her works can be found published with Sad Goose Cooperative, Black Moon Magazine, The Daily Drunk, and many others. A full catalogue of her publications is available on chillsubs. Currently, she lives with her growing zoo of pets and endlessly teetering piles of books, in hopes of one day owning her own personal library. She can be found rambling on Twitter.


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