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Vagina Dentata

By Syd Shaw

I should have cut you off

at the source thick and indulgent,

stumbling drunk home, our home

no place for me among the growlers

me all teeth and no tongue,

hard enamel and bleeding gums,

words impotent against the rise

of your tides I ride

your anger grind against it

until I bleed you pull my hair and mean it

my flesh is too soft too inviting

I would swallow with the fury of Charybdis

hold you with the hunger of a parasite

close down with chipped teeth

and never let go


Syd Shaw writes about love, witchcraft, and body horror. She is Assistant Poetry Editor and Workshop Coordinator at Passengers Journal. She has a degree in creative writing from Northwestern University. Syd’s previous publications include The Winnow, Cathexis Northwest, Ember Chasm, Sad Girls Club, Coffin Bell Journal, Waxing & Waning, and Eclectica Magazine, among others. Her work can be found at or on Twitter @sidlantro


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