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By SOUM (Screams of Unfettered Minds)

An impenetrable curtain

Of red descends

Bloodiest of shades

Drip, drip, drip

Shutters lower on

The external vista

Velvet black envelops

The stunned ego

Silence caresses incoming

Garbled, mangled babble

Mutes the screams

From pleading reason

Sanity slithers into

The fathomless abyss

Body memory takes

Over together now

With subsumed emotions

A temple of

Self-imagined hurt

An explosive tempestuous

Tantrum, detonation imminent

Zero self-restraint

Pin-point precision a

Predatory focus target

Is acquired as

The berserker rises



SOUM (Screams of Unfettered Minds) is a collaboration of three Pasifika women from New Zealand, who prefer their art and poetry to speak for them. This newly-formed trio describe their style as raw, unpolished, tongue-in-cheek, unapologetic, unfiltered, born from years of shadow-work and presented straight from the heart. They champion mental awareness and social issues and gain inspiration from the struggles of everyday people; the darker aspects of their physical, mental and spiritual battles.

You can find SOUM on Twitter or on their homepage.


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