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The Alpha Consumer

By James Marchiori


Cafe Procope.

What I imagine to exist is not the product of my imagination, but the transposition to the reality of my will to accomplish the Great Work, helping it to become manifest.

From the question, it becomes an answer and all I see is not filtered anymore, questioned, but just answered. Free from filters and above all only the essence. Just the answer.

Paul Verlaine, centuries later, is still sitting there on the chesterfield sofa with his black fedora and his glass of fete vert on the marble-topped table.

The Vision.

Paul is an easy conversationalist when in a good mood, but he’s as disgusted today as I am, in all fairness.

We are wondering about the boundaries of an unapologetic form of existence and the reason why I don't consume, I don’t pray and oftentimes I can’t stand, unapologetically.

Why is this considered impertinent?

I consider it creative, extensively minded, and wonderfully selected.

I don’t consume because I don’t believe.

‘I don’t believe’ as a beautiful manifestation, I don’t believe in celebrations.

Paul is changing his position on the sofa, sipping his drink and nodding interested, we are on the same page. Huge thing is to be on the same page as Paul Verlaine, one might say.

Observing the trait of the consumerist, you will immediately notice their conformity, he or she is not just being homologated to millions of others who don't pretend to believe in Christmas or Valentine’s day, but much worse.

He or she is representing a disturbing form of homologate essence by wearing a tracksuit in pastel colors, all the same. The women are highlighted blond with boho blow dries, the men with ordinary skin fade haircuts back and side and a sort of manhole cover made of thick hair on top. The army of the home workers, the army of the consumerists, the army instructed and created to destroy individuality in favor of a flattening brainless humanoid model.

I know I’m at the border of the off-topic, but my topic is that I don’t buy, I don’t consume and I don’t believe and I hope to have my voice heard as a minority.

Paul is nodding.

He comes from an era in which being original and unique was a source of benefit for the soul, but it was as hard as it is today because of the omnipresent bigotry. He had a terrible existence anyway because the society of the time was already moving from the disaster of homologation to its culmination today. But he saw the rebels, and at his time there were a lot.

Vagrants, rabid dogs, in search of truth.

They used to hate consumerism because they couldn’t afford it as I can’t.

There is no enviousness in it, but a sense of privilege, the election of the true will against the legion of conformists in appalling uniforms. Am I off-topic? maybe, but I’m happy you're reading this, and tomorrow when you enter a drugstore or a grocery shop you’ll look around and recall what you read here, it’s unavoidable.

I have never been a consumer and I will never be.

I’m against this party of festive mush for passive minds and I hope I'll have my voice heard.

I hope the future will be the mother and father, brother and sister of a model of understanding that falls outside the purchase.

That of the conquest made through money.

It has to come to an end, or the logic of consumerism will end in a war that will restart the minds to a measured understanding of the truth.

This is how I consume: thinking.

I consume myself.

Paul is still nodding.

I'm certainly off-topic, don’t publish this rubbish, I just wanted my voice heard.

I don't consume, because I don’t care about organized parties made to make the herd consuming.

I’m not part of the herd and I don’t believe in it.

I’m the one who is not and I hope you will join me tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience,

I appreciate it.


James Marchiori wrote his first verses at nine years old after reading Edgar Allan Poe's tales and poems in the secret of his room. He's been collecting various literary awards across Italy and Europe and was awarded at the European Parliament in Brussels for one of his poems. From screenwriting to poetry, from a new novel to a brand new project in writing, he's involved in various activities always driven by his deep knowledge in occultism and esoterism. A world to which he was introduced very early in life under the guide of members of the most prestigious Orders and later pursuing his studies as a personal development in occult sciences and practices, becoming a scholar himself throughout painstakingly researches into the depth of the Western Mystery Tradition and the Eastern Mysticism. He travels extensively around the world from New York and Los Angeles to London and Dublin just to name a few. His novel celebrating Edgar Allan Poe and Gothic fiction is on sale worldwide and got him a nomination for the 'Saturday Visiter Awards' powered by the Poe Baltimore Association. Bohemia incarnate, a soul devoted to surrealism and poetry.


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