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the journal


Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal was founded in Houston in 2020, later relocating to New York City the following year.


Founded with the explicit purpose of publishing new and upcoming writers with no submission fees, Hearth & Coffin places priority on provocative, exploratory, and accessible works that thrill and open the minds of readers.

There is no magic formula to being published in Hearth & Coffin. No amount of pedigree will guarantee a spot. Good writing is good writing, regardless of your degree(s) or lack thereof, your previous publications, your skin color, gender, or age.

Each Hearth & Coffin volume has a theme. Some themes are by the Hearth & Coffin staff and others are submitted by readers. The community is encouraged to follow Hearth & Coffin on social media for the opportunity to pitch upcoming themes and to keep abreast of upcoming volumes, open submissions, and other goodies.

Happy writing, friends.

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