Volume one, issue two

June 28, 2021

"We were thrilled to announce the theme knowing full well the loaded nature of the term. In kind, the writers who submitted works to Issue Two followed through with definitions that run the gamut."

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Barrett white, editor-in-chief


"Night Moves"

By Anastasia Arellano


By Elizabeth Eicher


By Mohammed Hidhayat

"The Likeness of Alice"

By Helen Mayall

"The Mirror"

By Richard Risemberg


"Call me _____."

By Reema Farra

"Dear April"

By R. Aaron Flores

"pothos & poncho"

By R. Aaron Flores

"who am I?"

By Lady Gaby

"My Puny Fangs"

By James Marchiori

"Pride Poem II"

By Taylor Moessinger

"Mother's Closet"

By Sam Ambler


By Sam Ambler


By Justin Jannise


By Justin Jannise

"Baptism by Firefighter"

By Justin Jannise