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Letter from the Editor: Pride

Issue Two is here and we couldn't be, well, prouder.

The theme of Pride was a little tongue-in-cheek, sure. Our editorial calendar being what it is, we understood that a June publication should have a certain nod to the community. The spin was that, like always, we opted not to prescribe meaning to the term.

Pride, like Conception before it, can mean many different things to many different people. Is it a welling sense of joy for your community? For your family? For your career? Is it a flaw that threatens your relationships? Is it a deadly sin?

We were thrilled to announce the theme knowing full well the loaded nature of the term. In kind, the writers who submitted works to Issue Two followed through with definitions that run the gamut.

Hearth & Coffin is settling into our editorial calendar and we're delighted to have our second issue on the books (or on the internet, as it were) while looking forward to our third and many more. As we press forward and enjoy the fruits of Pride, we can't help but ask ourselves, how lucky are we that we share space with such terrific wordsmiths?


Featured authors and poets for Issue Two: Pride


"Night Moves" | Anastasia Arellano

"Orbit" | Elizabeth Eicher

"Mudra" | Mohammed Hidhayat

"The Likeness of Alice" | Helen Mayall

"The Mirror" | Richard Risemberg


"Mother's Closet" | Sam Ambler

"The One Altogether Lovely" | Sam Ambler

"Our Hearts Burned Within Us" | Sam Ambler

"Sacrament" | Sam Ambler

"Under the Mulberry Tree" | Sam Ambler

"Call me _____." | Reema Farra

"Dear April" | R. Aaron Flores

"pothos & poncho" | R. Aaron Flores

"who am I?" | Lady Gaby

"Baptism by Firefighter" | Justin Jannise

"Poets" | Justin Jannise

"Slake" | Justin Jannise

"My Puny Fangs" | James Marchiori

"Pride Poem II" | Taylor Moessinger


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