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Pride Poem II

By Taylor Moessinger

pride sits on each shoulder

the devil and angel both

it whispers

it bolsters

it compels

after all, why not?

pride and power

a wicked combination

a treacherous lure

there is a terror,

most violent, in power

lush, poison, gems

why shouldn’t I rule

pride and patriotism?

they lust after the other


for this is who you are

pride declares

and you believe

yet so,

confidence dizzies with pride

rendering freedom indescribable

the fire that fuels you

stokes a rainbow of coals

to experience pride is to look upon blinding greatness

what falls in the shadow

how far have you flown from the ground

to humble yourself

to swallow your pride

remove yourself from the dizzying heights

that self satisfaction has flown you to

and so pride gives and takes

like a fire, you must be careful

for that which keeps you warm

can turn to destroy you with a small shift of wind


Taylor Moessinger is a creative living in Seattle, WA by way of Houston and Austin, Texas. She can most frequently be found involved with theatre (plays and musicals) both on stage and off, but she has, on occasion, also dabbled in modeling, photography, writing, and generally celebrating artistry of all kinds. Her favorite place to be is surrounded by nature and the unconsidered life all around us.


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