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The One Altogether Lovely

By Sam Ambler

It’s in his eyes,

in the fiery-blue


that catches

in the corner

just before

he winks.

Such a look

is too much

for the world.

I can scarce

take it in.

It’s in his body,

in the hint

of a hunch

in his shoulders

that loosens

when he stands


Such a weight

is the brand

of worry.

Branded, perhaps,

but not owned.

It’s in his hands,

in the set

of his fingers

as he lifts

the pencil

and begins to sketch.

Such a touch

has power

to make stars.

I can feel it


upon my cheek.

It’s in his heart,

in the steadfast nature

of his love

as lithe

as a dancer


giving breath

an easy peace.

Such depth

welcomes grace.


and receiving.

It’s in his soul,

in the loft

and breadth

of the space

where his spirit


Such an aura

is endearing,

illuminating truth

and trust.

I am warmed

in his light.

It’s in his mind,

in the twisting


of self-confidence

and fear

leading him

to laughter

and to prayer.

Such a one

is like unto God.

Such a one

I hold in my arms.


Sam Ambler’s writing has been published in Christopher Street, The James White Review, City Lights Review Number 2, Nixes Mate Review, and Visitant, among others. He won the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s 6th Annual Poetry Contest.

He earned a BA in English, specializing in creative writing of poetry, from Stanford University. He delivered singing telegrams and sang with the Temescal Gay Men’s Chorus in Berkeley and the Pacific Chamber Singers in San Francisco. He has worked in nonprofit theater at Berkeley Rep, Geffen Playhouse, Actors’ Equity, and The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Now retired, he lives in California with his husband, visual artist Edward L. Rubin.


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