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Call me _____.

By Reema

Sometimes I’m still and calm and reflect the beauty around me. I can be lost for the reflection, or I can be more magnificent because of it, depending on your perspective. The perspective doesn’t change me, I am me.

Sometimes I am moving and drifting, I mix up the sunset and distort everything around me. I can be revealed for the abstracts I make or upsetting for the perfect illusions I don’t. Your perspective doesn’t change me, I am.

Sometimes I toss and upset the shores around me. I can be distressing for the plans I break or I can be savored for the moods I echo. You don’t change me. I am.

Sometimes I rise above myself, I see far beyond, become another me. I can be cursed for leaving or blessed for arriving. Your perspective is only your perspective.

Sometimes I rage and surge, cast everything above and below asunder. I can be respected for my power or taken for granted by my inconsistency. Your perspective only changes your outcome.

What is above is not always below. I exist, therefore I am, therefore I am the most me. I am exactly


Reema was born in South Dakota, grew up in California; Damascus, Syria; North Dakota; and is currently based in Houston, TX. In 2007 Reema received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Houston in Interior Design and has been a practicing designer ever since.

In 2020 Reema received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston in Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms, focusing on Transmedia Storytelling: the use of digital and analog media to tell narrative stories across platforms.

Reema may be found at and on Instagram.


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