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My Puny Fangs

By James Marchiori

My puny fangs and claws,

when they come to

claim what is logical.

What is due.

What no judge can evaluate,

because no evaluation is needed.

It’s our right to be free,

proud to be.


James Marchiori is a Dublin based poet and writer. He wrote his first verses at nine years old and his last novel, ‘To My Beloved Heart’, a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, was amongst the nominees for the Saturday Visiter Awards in Baltimore, USA. He’s currently working on a crime novel set in Dublin, Ireland, with fragments of gothic, occult and supernatural elements. Bohemia incarnate, a free soul devoted to Surrealism and Poetry. An independent and critical observer.

James can be found online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or on his homepage.


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