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True Grit[s]
Special Edition

May 13, 2022

"Your unique voice belongs, both on our digital pages and in the beautiful Southern U.S. No second-rate politician gerrymandered and voter suppressed into office gets to say otherwise."

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Barrett white, editor-in-chief

our stories

Take This Body, Which Was Broken For Me

Juniper Cassaway

Hohn Jancock

Juniper Cassaway

Getting Wet

Juniper Cassaway

Getting In Line

Juniper Cassaway

Getting It

Juniper Cassaway


Juniper Cassaway

Blizzard in the South

Mari Cruz

Phalaenopsis & Velvet under glass

Clem Flowers

Thirty Years Afraid

Andi Janow

Aging Photographs of Trinity Mills Road and the Queer Logic of Uprooting Trees

The Maenad 

A self portrait as Salvador Dali’s melted clocks

Lucy Parr

Pinky Swear

Lucy Parr


Nicole Sebesta

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