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Hohn Jancock

By Juniper Cassaway

In this trying time,

A name seems to be… illusive.

Exclusive only to the trans people who are happy to leave their birth name in the grave.

And while I know a deadname is not a universal truth,

I still can’t help but feel strange that my birth name is not at this time foreign to me.

The state refuses to allow a swift transition to a chosen married name,

My government first and last name are still the only thing official about me,

And yet… I chose another.

My made up last name and my concocted first name.

Existing nowhere on record except in every personal email, along with my pronouns (they/them, if you must know),

And still,

I don’t hate my birth name just enough that I use it as my pen name.

(which is extremely amusing to me)

I am not so far removed from those who knew me as such that I have fooled everyone yet, and while that’s a little disheartening,

A true writer never gives up at the thought of a literary challenge.

And aren’t all the best main characters continuously forging their own path towards a future of great reward?

Consider me small rich already and ready for an even bigger inheritance.


An aggravated and invigorated Joya Polk


Juniper Cassaway

Age 23

From Houston

Currently residing in Baton Rouge


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