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Blizzard in the South

By Mari Cruz

Wyandotte, 1996

A town still trying to find its trick

Motown had a throw down in downtown

But at home we still made our nest

The frigid cold made her feel old

To go back to Texas was her final goal

As the years dragged on and family was gone

We finally faced our wars and won

2014 came, our monsters slained

While we maintained all we gained

My memory stained in what became…us

We had our choice, to move and rejoice

But ultimately we left one in Detroit

She grew her family, filled in amply

The hole we had to patch without a dad

Trust me, it wasn’t that bad

Mom and I made it down and we learned the town

The Alamo City is huge and twisted

We sit and say that we felt stupid

For splitting our family right down the middle

I always missed my sister, just a little

We loved, we lost, definitely paid a cost

How did we end up in the city of

“Live oaks and fine folks”

2019, my eyes they gleam

With a glow for a man who understands me

He’s cis and he’s straight, which I find great

Because in the end that’s what I strive to be

November comes, 4 days before my birthday

I embark in my journey to my second life change

In a city that is weird, I find myself reared in a bed with pain and joy

Now I got a toy that I employ to restore my future glory

2022, the years have fused, mom had a choice to choose

She moved back to mit, I threw a fit, but he insist

That we stay and live our lives here

Now he deals with this splendid ordeal of a discombobulated


Thought inducing

Stress reducing

Blizzard in the South


Mari Cruz

Age 26

From Detroit

Currently residing in San Antonio


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