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Getting Wet

By Juniper Cassaway

In a weird way, everything is circular. Everything is round. Everything makes sense when coming from the people in my life who make the most sense. A dear person to me once said:

The rain passes through the city

The city is wet,

The city is not rain.

-in relation to a discussion about how we seem to assimilate to our experiences when we are only meant to have them happen to us, not become us. And… I think about it often. I think about how the events of a day is how my day went, not how my day was. I think about how I put on clothes, I am not fabric. I think about how I consume food products, I am not a food. And yes, one may think I am oversimplifying what this all means but sometimes, it helps remind me that I am in the south, I am not The South. I am living through people’s hellish decisions, I am not hell. None of these these crazy thoughts and ideas about who I am are WHO I AM. I am but passing through. I am passing through.


Juniper Cassaway

Age 23

From Houston

Currently residing in Baton Rouge


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