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Letter from the Editor: Strange & Unusual

We're almost through our first volume -- and it's a weird one.

The theme "Strange & Unusual" was the brainchild of Heather Gordo, the woman behind Heather's Haus of Oddities (Instagram/TikTok). Heather is a friend of the journal - and when I say friend, I mean that she literally drove cross-country with me when I moved from Houston to New York City this year.

A good friend.

As we crossed the valleys and mountains of the Gulf Coast and Appalachia, we listened to the audio book of Silvia Moreno-Garcia's Mexican Gothic. With the melodrama of both the written word in our bluetooth speaker and scenery outside our U-Haul windows, Heather turned to tell me that our next issue ought to be strange and unusual.

And so it was.

The submissions were many (in fact, more than either of the two previous issues) and were delightfully demented, greatly ghoulish, and curiously creepy. With our release date of September 27, it's given us the perfect opportunity to hand over to our readers a book of the weird just in time for spooky season. We hope you'll enjoy these strange writings throughout the month of October while we prepare for Issue Four, the last of our first volume.


Featured authors and poets for Issue Three: Strange & Unusual


"And Trah-lah-lah to You Too!" | John Adams

"WARNING: This Story Contains Hypnosis" | John Adams

"The Contrails Had a Sense of Doom" | Mariah Eppes

"The Things We Inherit" | Arden Hunter

"Trinket" | Arden Hunter

"Manifestations: An Experimental Study" | Cecilia Kennedy

"Cat People" | Pascale Potvin

"the sitcom" | Marty Shambles

"Cryptic Happenings" | Victoria Wraight

First Look: Unwieldy Creatures (2022) | Addie Tsai


"In lieu of ornamental fire" | Fieni Aprilia

"The Empress (A Császárnő)" | Laszlo Aranyi

"Signifier (Szignifikátor)" | Laszlo Aranyi

"Do not pluck a pimple" | Olaitan Joy Damilola

"Buried Moonglow" | Nick Dix

"Glossolalia" | Gene Hult

"To Summon Love" | Gene Hult

"Death, Like A Popsicle" | Erich von Hungen

"Siren" | Erich von Hungen

"The Land Where Souls Play" | Michael Levy

"Empty" | Jasmine Williamson


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