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Letter from the Editor: Creature Feature

Your extraordinary patience means the world to us.

Submissions closed as normal for Volume 2, Issue 3. We began reading. We laughed and we barfed -- you know, all the usual fare for an issue about monsters and goblins. That is until the morning of September 25, just days before we were to make final announcements and publish our Halloween issue.

Unexpectedly, quietly, and peacefully, we lost the godmother of our journal and mother to our poetry editor, Mrs. Carolyn Matthews.

Though we were briefly in a tailspin, we gathered a moment to alert the writers who were awaiting news on their submissions. Emails from us regarding the issue would be late. The issue temporarily suspended. The following issue cancelled altogether. We apologized, we thanked, and we waited, and we grieved.

What we didn't expect were all the responses from the writers. Nearly every person we reached out to with this uncomfortable news about their work hanging in limbo got back to us with words of love, sympathy, and encouragement.

Truly, your kindness mattered more to us than we can say.

We are happy to present the issue to you, at last, filled to the brim with the creepy, the tall tales, the ancient, the novel. It's all here and it's waiting to pounce.


Featured authors and poets for Volume 2, Issue 3: Creature Feature


The Reimagined Baba Yaga | Izzy Asuto

Silicone Death Fauna | Caleb Bethea

Research Cycle | Rebecca Cuthbert

The Taste of Iron | Oliver Fosten

Blood Relatives | Benjamin Henry

Murder Most Fowl | Jen Herron

Speaking with Skeletons | Stephanie Holden

Neversink | Shelly Jones

Breakup Scripts for the Unenthralled Thrall | Lauren Kardos

The Invisible Man Receives an Invitation to Join AARP | Kip Knott

RATS! | Kit Lascher

Small Town Hospitality | Rachael Llewellyn

A String of Repeated Notes | Jeffery Ryan Long

Communion | T.T. Madden

Blēka | Jeannie Marschall

Frau Frankenstein | Emily Murman

Foundling | JP Relph

A Filthy Type | Isabelle Ryan

Jukebox From Hell | Richard Sanders

Taking a Torch to Tedium | John Weagly


On Skin and Scales | Stephanie Holden

Interview with the Monster Within | E.M. Lark


DOLLMAKER | Aurynanya

WILLIAM | Aurynanya

Creature Feature: Tanka & Haiku | Jerome Berglund

Verso Recto # 3 | Evelynn Black

superstitious | Grace Bowen

An Afternoon in Maryland | Tinamarie Cox

The Creation | Agnes A. Dairo

Carnival of Delights | Peter Devonald

The Kraken | Peter Devonald

Monsters Under the Bed and Deep Inside | Peter Devonald

Dead Drunk | Nick Dix

Dracula Tastes a Modern Girl | Becca Fang

To My Creature | Annika Gangopadhyay

The Painting I Chose Is MARSH LANDSCAPE By Emil Nolde | Colin James

Autumn is | Bethany Jarmul

Dracula's Lament | Richard LeDue

Unstrange Creatures | Richard LeDue

The White-Clad Girl | Owolusi Lucky

The Lying Game | Marisca Pichette

Behind the Door | Angel Rosen

Motion Sickness | Angel Rosen

Medusa Goes to the Hair Salon | Beatriz Seelaender


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