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Letter from the Editor: Party Line

The party you want to be at, available now as an online chapbook.

We took a quote and we ran with it.

“The best parties are a wild mixture of people,” Joan Crawford said. “Take some corporation presidents, add a few lovely young actresses, a bearded painter, your visiting friends from Brussels, a politician, a hairdresser, and then toss them together."

"It’s especially important to have all age groups," Crawford continued. “Another important party secret is I always add a splash of vodka to everything. Nobody ever knows and everyone ends up having a wonderful time.”

We sent that energy out into the universe and asked that writers from any shore send us their party guest. Among them are the kooky, the familiar, the off-putting, and the beautiful.

Won't you join us in the living room 'round the piano for Volume 2, inspired by Joan Crawford's wit, Party Line.


Featured authors and poets for Volume 2, Issue 2: Party Line


If I Ever Become a Greek Orthodox Jew | Bob Iozzia


Framily | Wendy K. Mages


ethanol | Nicholas Barnes

fume-fire | Nicholas Barnes

n.y.e. | Nicholas Barnes

[Poetry Collection] | Yuan Changming

night alone | Dan Groves

One With The Universe | Halle Preneta


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