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Maintaining the Dosage

By Mursal Kharoti

Inching towards a new knowingness

I reel at nothing, glance only once

figure out my tangled anxieties like a knot, hot, red iron faults.

I eat faster to get to the next thing, next thing, the next thing,

pushing through like a baby, light crack, scream

Restless body but a

brave new mind,

The sky is still blue, purple, pink

River running, still running

I could blame it on their syringe, I can blame myself

I could eat guilt faster, next thing, next thing, next thing.


Mursal Kharoti is a 24-year-old Psychology student at the University of Sussex. With lived experience of mental health her writing is a testament of growth, healing and navigating a complex world. Being a British Born Afghan, her poetry takes root in mystical poetry and flowers into contemporary confessional poetry.

You can find her online.


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