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Pebble Poem

By Aeronwy Withers

Editor's note: Due to the formatting of this work, it is best enjoyed on desktop.

We have been

enduring the river

rapids rushing from the gradient

wrought deep by

the storm sent by the sea

we have been scoured to skin

by the gentler current

to resemble

suns and moons

like those lining the red


and the veins

of the


It’s not easy

never to leave,

it wears me thinner

than a star-shucked dawn,

it’s so hard to leave

when my body simmers

I’ll have the duckweed



Aeronwy Withers writes poetry and experimental fiction, and is Ron for short. Having twice graduated from Cardiff University, Aeronwy has developed an interest in playing with form and convention, and enjoys voicing the unheard and inanimate. Follow her poetry like breadcrumbs on Twitter, or at, which has been neglected as of late. (this is on purpose) (neglected and forgotten websites are cool?)


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