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Letter from the Editor: What You See Is What You Get

We're back, we're growing, and it's time for a second volume!

Our poetry editor, Rachael, has her birthday in January. As 2021 was coming to a close, she declared that for her birthday, the theme of our first issue in Volume 2 would be something wild and uncanny.

The spark that ignited What You See Is What You Get was born.

The theme must have resonated with writers, too: This issue has taken first place as the issue with the most submissions we have ever received.

We're proud to share this issue with you now, at long last. On our digital pages this time around, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll wonder, what's wrong with this writer?

And we wouldn't have it any other way.


Featured authors and poets for Volume 2, Issue 1: What You See Is What You Get


Aftertaste | Hilari Anderson

Last of its Unkind | Rebecca Dempsey

The Greys | Gemma Elliott

Boots | Lauren Everdell

The Headliner | James Gianetti

My Only Swerving | Justin Goodman

Explanation of Benefits | Brynn Herndon

Your Best Guess | Zeke Jarvis

Waiting for Midnight and Beyond | Katrina Johnston

Robert | Micah Muldowney

Opossum | Zach Murphy

Tastes Killer | AJ Newsom

Winner's Curse | Nora Sun

Señor Quispe's Predicament and the Imperfection of Contentment | Harris Walker

Hand | Marthea Webber


Funbags | Kate Carey

Mine | Melissa Mulvihill

Cardinal | Melissa Nunez


I Want My Time With You | Paula Aamli

May Morning (And I Am Called Away) | Paula Aamli

Form M-8068: Application for Christmas Miracle | Michael Chin

[untitled 1] | Ivan de Monbrison

[untitled 2] | Ivan de Monbrison

[untitled 3] | Ivan de Monbrison

Reserves | Deborah Finding

distracted | Deborah Finding

Madison | Nicholas Barton Law

The Mythology of Hunting | Louise Mather

An atheist’s day off | Mikey May

Last Asleep, First Awake | Jesse Miksic

Loran Kyle | Micah Muldowney

Birth of Venus | Joe Painter

There is a limit | Sara Lynne Puotinen

swiper no swiping | Nat Raum

We Live in the Gray | James Roach

The Barred Owl | Amanda Roth

Past Lives | Paige Elizabeth Wajda

The Calling | Amanda Rachelle Warren

Maybe Another Spell Might | Mikal Wix

Miss Merry Sexton Regales the Dead Ringers | Mikal Wix


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