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Letter from the Editor: The Patchwork Quilt

Come snuggle up with a warm embrace this holiday season.

Our previous issue, Strange & Unusual, piqued the interest of writers of all backgrounds. Our submissions inbox was flooded with more works than any of the previous issues in our first volume.

The same can't be said for The Patchwork Quilt.

And that's not a bad thing; we're thrilled to share our chapbook issue with you. How does one convey a big hug? A warm embrace? A family tale? A fireside love? It can be a tricky theme and we knew that coming into it. Everyone has a weird piece of fiction laying around — and it made for a great Halloween issue — but not everyone has a work that brings to life the joys of simple comfort and family.

This holiday season, we share with you the top submissions that make up Hearth & Coffin's warm embrace to close out the inaugural issue, The Patchwork Quilt.

See you in 2022 with Volume Two!


Featured authors and poets for Issue Four: The Patchwork Quilt


"The Importance of Femininity" | Cyrine Sinti

"The House of Joy" | J.E. Sumerau

"Metro Coffeehouse & Pub" | J.E. Sumerau


"Moonshine" | Vanessa Maderer

"4: Beryllium; Be" | Andre F. Peltier

"Words from Clay" | Andre F. Peltier

"father" | Maggie Petrella

"For Julie Hilden, in memoriam" | Dylan Willoughby


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