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By Aurynanya

William, soon your eyes will adapt to the dark of my dungeon

You really should be more careful about who you try to bludgeon

That little switchblade left me with barely a scratch to the chest

You are very bold, I must say, I am rather impressed!

As I’m sure you can surmise from your perplexing position

It should come as no surprise, you’re my latest addition

I know you don’t remember how you got here, I made sure

I had to incapacitate you, knowing you wouldn’t be lured.

Now I bet you’re wondering what I’m going to inevitably do with you

Just a few modifications and it will be time to make your debut

I have a few spectators that are coming to witness this entire thing

An injection to make your transformation easier, just a quick sting.

There you are.

I was wondering if you were ever going to wake, it’s been several days

I’m so very excited about how you turned out, the crowd will be amazed

You are my best creation yet, a real piece of art - Let me get the mirror

You now have 3 hearts! Gills on your face! It couldn’t be clearer!

Half of your body is made up of the tentacles of an octopus

Can’t you see how beautiful it looks?

And that reddish hue that’s taken over you, absolutely stunning!

We must get you ready. Tomorrow they will be coming!

Welcome to the unveiling you have all been waiting for!

I am “The Artist”, the creator behind this magnum opus and more!

Please meet my featured creature… my master work.

The reason you have all come! William!


Aurynanya lives and writes in Central Massachusetts. She often goes by “Aury” in the writing community. She writes beautiful, dark and devastating poetry, using her creativity for both her words and graphical presentations, giving her work a powerful prophetic punch. When not busy creating, Aury enjoys immersing herself in poetry, graphic design and art, thriller and horror novels, movies and music. She especially loves lyrics. Aurynanya’s work can be found online and in print. She also happens to be owned by two spoiled black cats.

She can be found online here.


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