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The Kraken

By Peter Devonald

​Nature bristles with despair a strange change in the air people stop and stare. Something wicked this way comes pounding sounding emptiness of death a birth of something dark from hidden depths. Water sprays this way and that a huge creature unveiled from the sea the demigod, the fear, the silent plea. It demolished Atlantis or so legends say its monstrous tail will have its way the world stares back in shock and dismay. Giant arms and tentacles hold sway 10 arms bigger than buses mouth full of hunger and desire. Snout long and sharp will cause such tears skin rough and uneven of a thousand years serpents tongue devours humans like candy. The sea monster is here to kill for its pleasure all that it ever knew is to fulfil this one wish. This sole will: The Kraken is coming.


Peter Devonald is poet in residence at Haus-a-rest, regular columnist for Culture and Arts, and Heart Of The Heatons poetry winner. 50+ poems published / forthcoming in 2022: Artist's Responding to..., ArtLove02, Bolton Breakdown, Dear Politicians: Ecopoetry, Dirigible Balloon, Dwell Time Press, Forget-Me-Not Press, Greenhouse, 6 issues Haus-a-rest, RIVISTA, Sixpence Society, Shallot, Spoonie, Suburban Witchcraft, Substantially Unlimited: Stigma, and Wishbone Words. Five group shows including Tender Stems with PaintingWriting, Chronically Online Culturable Layered Onion. Featured in Poetic Map of Reading and Southwark Festival Of Words. 50+ film awards, former mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys) and Children’s Bafta nominated. Manchester based, Peter runs monthly 8-word stories for Heaton/Cheadle/Didsbury Post.

Peter can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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