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To Summon Love

By Gene Hult

Start with a turgid red candle

from a wiccan enchantment store.

Take it home and hold and fondle,

stroke its waxy length and adore

its girth, trace the tapered spindle,

deciding where runes should be scored.

Concentrate on him, his fine hair,

his eyes, shoulders, comfy glamour,

pendulous testicles, shrewd stare,

kindness, nose, odd common humor,

job prospects, taut wit, underwear,

his shy smile, and proper grammar.

Heat a pushpin, a sharp stylus,

and carve his glyphs into the candle's

flesh, your symbols on the bias.

Connect with concentric circles,

furrow the wax with desirous

summons ciphers and triangles.

Anoint the carved cierge with a film

of spit, your sexual spirits

gathered concentrating on him,

stroke semen along the carets

until it limns the troughs of whim,

until it ceases adherence.

Light the wick with a safety match—

whip to extinguish, never blow.

Tilt the lit candle and dispatch

three drops of melting wax below

to a dish deep enough to catch

stalactitic drip overflow.

Cohere the base of the candle

to the receptacle. You still

thinking of him? Keep a handle

on visioning: focus your will

on his traits, manifest, wheedle

until the longing makes you ill.

Say your words of summoning; you

will know them: how to attract him

to you, how to cross paths. Imbue

your spell with sincere seraphim

who bless your coming rendezvous

with pheromones within your skin.

Place the candle in a remote,

solemn, and fireproof location,

float it in a watery moat.

Believe that the charm's causation

will be to arouse and promote

your imminent integration.

Leave it. Let the spell burn till it

gutters out. Don't check its progress,

allow the flame to solicit

captivation of your caress,

an enticement to elicit

his binding ardor to profess.


Gene Hult is an INFJ Scorpio dogfather with ADHD working as a writer, editor, college teacher, photographer, and publisher in Houston, TX, although originally a native New Yorker. He has written more than 125 books published for young readers, mostly under his children’s pseudonym J. E. Bright. His books of poetry from Brighten Press include Render, Catfish and After, and the forthcoming Ades Fidelis. Please visit, or follow Gene on Twitter and Instagram.

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