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The Wolf We Dreamed

By Ben Tufnell

Editor's Note: Due to the formatting of this poem, it is best viewed on a desktop browser.

this night looms large

is spun tight on a loom

dipped in glass and ink

a slip of light in a slick

of space a darkness

the night which looms

is home to owls and moons

and other wild dreams

and things that are not

what they at first seem

like the wolf that walks slowly

from house to house quietly

from dream to thought lightly

and brings with it inevitably

a shadow

which is an opening


Ben Tufnell is a curator and writer based in London. Poems have been published or are forthcoming in Anthropocene, Entropy, Fire, La Picioletta Barca, Rialto, Smartish Pace and Terrible Work, amongst others. Tufnell has published widely on modern and contemporary art and his most recent book is In Land: Writings About Land Art And Its Legacies (Zero Books, 2019).

More of Ben's work can be found here.


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