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The Wolf in Your Mouth

By Ben Tufnell

The presence that roams

the Common and side streets

by night, treading softly

through shadows,

haloed momentarily,

jaw slack to taste

the thick air, spooking

the ragged foxes, is conjured;

something pure and wild.

Waking suddenly, somehow lost,

I look out into white moon light

and see her, a silvered ghost,

flickering, fleeting, silent,

ice-eyed, shadow-shaped:

the weight of thought,

a necessary word

carved from heavy air

to balance influences.


Ben Tufnell is a curator and writer based in London. Poems have been published or are forthcoming in Anthropocene, Entropy, Fire, La Picioletta Barca, Rialto, Smartish Pace and Terrible Work, amongst others. Tufnell has published widely on modern and contemporary art and his most recent book is In Land: Writings About Land Art And Its Legacies (Zero Books, 2019).

More of Ben's work can be found here.


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