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The Creation

By Agnes Adeolu Dairo

I know you hear the whispers too;

Of stories from far far away

That makes your skin crawl

And cause you to yelp.

Oh, not already;

You're not afraid, are you?

Well, you'll doubt that too if you hear this one.

(Infact, how about I tell you a little tale?)

It all began with the digging,

And a thirst to create something magnificent —

That the world has never seen.

Although crooked it may seem,

It had something just ethereal about it.

I assigned myself 'Grim reaper'

Only it wasn't the souls that pricked my interests

But the bodies.

In truth, I've never been a man who believed in divinity

But playing god was much to my liking.

You think I'm conceited?

Maybe but 'Ordinary' too has

Just never been my thing.

My curiosity led me into an arrangement

One you could consider sinister;

It's alive-e-e! It's alive-e-e,

Believe you me.

"Hey there, little guy," I said to it.

Such a tiny disgusting creature;

Like one the Bogeyman could

Go on a rampage for.

Killing scores and receiving their bullets

Like his body was made out of

more than blood and flesh.

What is this science?

I wonder;

For this ugly creature is unlike any I have seen.

I poke and prod it curiously

Until of course,

I got a hypothesis!

This was when it came to me

That I can make man in my own image.

To bring life in exchange for the

death of another.

So bring out now the bodies of those

soulless creatures —

That they be examined one after another.

Didn't they mock me and

call me mad?

Every last one of them.

Watch you now as they

grind their teeth in harmonising

Melody to the torture.

They did owe me

And I made them pay.


Agnes Adeolu Dairo is a year three Common/Civil Law student in the Faculty of Law, Lagos State University, Lagos State Nigeria. She is an outstanding blogger, creative writer and poet. She has authored a short story titled ‘Turning point’ and has had her works published in various anthologies, prominent of which is the November edition of the RDW publications titled ‘First Dance’ and ‘Iniquity’. Her interest in arts and literature was inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, Charles Bukowski and more contemporary writers like Amna Dhanani, Arch Hades and Stephanie R. West.

You can find her on Instagram, LinkedIn (Agnes Dairo), Twitter, and Blogger.


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