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New Journal's Sophomore Issue Underway

CONTACT: Barrett White, Editor-in-chief or (832) 617-4048


New Journal's Sophomore Issue Underway

Hearth & Coffin's second issue is themed "Pride" and will be accepting submissions through May 31.

HOUSTON (May 3, 2021) – The sophomore issue of Houston-based literary journal Hearth & Coffin is officially forthcoming. The theme of Issue Two was announced via social media in early April as "Pride". Writers are asked to send submissions in via email to Issue Two submissions will close on May 31; the issue will publish in late June.

A follow-up to the journal's inaugural issue Conception, Pride aims to continue the journal's celebration of diverse voices and exploratory works.

"As we said with the theme of Conception, the word 'pride' can also mean a million different things to a million different people," says Hearth & Coffin editor-in-chief Barrett White. "What's it to you? Is it about community? Love or passion? A deadly sin? Show us, don't tell us."

Hearth & Coffin further extends the opportunity to submit to first-time and established writers alike, decrying what is thought of as "gatekeeping" in the publishing community. With several big names appearing in Conception, the journal reminds the public that there's room enough for all voices on Hearth & Coffin's [digital] pages.

"Part of our mission is busting down the gatekeeping so often seen in the literary world," says White. "Here we not only invite, but encourage works that are unpolished, off-the-cuff, evocative, and-or push the status quo. Everyone has stories to tell, not just the folks who've been writing their whole lives, have MFAs, or PhDs. There's more than enough room on our platform for all storytellers, polished professional or not."

In late March 2021, Conception made a splash with 40 works by nearly 30 prose writers and poets from around the globe.

Interested parties are asked to review Hearth & Coffin's FAQ page for more information regarding submission deadlines, publishing dates, themes, and much more.

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About Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal

Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal (Hearth & Coffin) was founded in Houston in 2020. Founded with the explicit purpose of publishing new and upcoming writers with no submission fees, Hearth & Coffin places priority on provocative, exploratory, and accessible works that thrill and open the minds of readers. Hearth & Coffin editors believe that good writing is good writing, regardless of your degree(s) or lack thereof, your previous publications, your skin color, gender, or age. To learn more, visit or follow us at @HearthAndCoffin on your favorite social platform.


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