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New Queer-Owned Online Literary Journal Looking for New Works

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

New Queer-Owned Online Literary Journal Looking for New Works

Hearth & Coffin is looking for provocative, exploratory, and accessible works from new writers.

HOUSTON (October 26, 2020) – Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal, a new online publication founded in Houston, will begin accepting submissions from writers on November 1, 2020. Hearth & Coffin aspires to excite readers with stories that thrill, push boundaries, and break new ground. Founded by writer and journalist Barrett White and managed by White and Poetry Editor Rachael Matthews, the new literary journal will hold an extensive four-month submissions period before publishing the introductory issue in March 2021.

Submissions (and only submissions) may be sent to Hearth & Coffin does not utilize Submittable or any other submission service at this time. Writers need not be located in Houston; submissions are welcome from anywhere across the globe.

Beginning November 1, 2020, Hearth & Coffin will be accepting works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Writers may submit multiple works, as long as they submit them separately. More information including word count limits, theme announcements, and other submission guidelines may be found on the journal’s FAQ page.

The submission period will end on February 28, 2021. (Subsequent submission periods will only be one month). The theme of Issue 1 will be officially announced on Hearth & Coffin’s social media channels on November 1 as "Conception."

Volume 1, Issue 1 will be published on the last Monday of March 2021. Hearth & Coffin will then publish quarterly with a new theme each issue.

“I settled on a name that elicited both feelings of comfort and dread. Life and death. Here and eternity,” says Barrett White, Editor-in-chief of Hearth & Coffin. “The lifecycles of all of us—writers and poets, creatives and not, aesthetes and utilitarians—are united in what we feel; or rather, what narratives on a page have the capacity to make us feel, regardless of our lives.”

Interested parties are asked to follow Hearth & Coffin on social media for updates regarding submission deadlines, publishing dates, themes, and much more with the handle @hearthandcoffin on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (These accounts will remain dormant until November 1.)

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About Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal

Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal (Hearth & Coffin) was founded in Houston in 2020. Founded with the explicit purpose of publishing new and upcoming writers with no submission fees, Hearth & Coffin places priority on provocative, exploratory, and accessible works that thrill and open the minds of readers. Hearth & Coffin editors believe that good writing is good writing, regardless of your degree(s) or lack thereof, your previous publications, your skin color, gender, or age. To learn more, visit or follow us at @HearthAndCoffin on your favorite social platform.


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