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Diverse First Issue Features Global Voices

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Diverse First Issue Features Global Voices

Hearth & Coffin's first issue, publishing March 29, features 25 writers from around the globe.

HOUSTON (March 22, 2021) – The long-awaited first issue of Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal is due to hit the internet on March 29, 2021. Volume One, Issue One will feature over 40 works of poetry, fiction prose, and nonfiction writing by 25 individual writers representing voices from North America, Europe, and Africa.

The theme for the inaugural issue is "Conception".

"The two dozen-plus writers whose work will be published have really shown up and given us some terrific definitions of the word,” says Barrett White, Editor-in-chief of Hearth & Coffin. “We intentionally did not prescribe meaning to 'conception'. We want to see how writers interpret a theme, and that made for an incredibly eclectic issue. We asked the writers to show us - don't tell us - what 'conception' means to you. From a humorous exploration of literal conception to the changing of identities, we've got a slew of new works we're excited to share with you."

Following the launch of the first issue, Hearth & Coffin will hold a private virtual symposium for writers, friends, and family. The symposium will include a signature cocktail (the Malt Whitman), an award for the best mask, outfit, and virtual background combination, and will be hosted by celebrated Houston drag queen Regina Thorne-DuBois.

The newly-minted literary journal will open submissions for Issue Two on May 1st, the theme for which has yet to be announced.

Interested parties are asked to follow Hearth & Coffin on social media for updates regarding submission deadlines, publishing dates, themes, and much more with the handle @hearthandcoffin on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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About Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal

Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal (Hearth & Coffin) was founded in Houston in 2020. Founded with the explicit purpose of publishing new and upcoming writers with no submission fees, Hearth & Coffin places priority on provocative, exploratory, and accessible works that thrill and open the minds of readers. Hearth & Coffin editors believe that good writing is good writing, regardless of your degree(s) or lack thereof, your previous publications, your skin color, gender, or age. To learn more, visit or follow us at @HearthAndCoffin on your favorite social platform.


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