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Monsters Under the Bed and Deep Inside

By Peter Devonald

​Stories hurt stories heal they give us life

or steal it. Monsters creep and crawl slither and slide till they wind up deep inside us. Muttering despair beyond compare.

Our conscious mind warps and wraps itself around us monsters under the bed whispering despair "I swear there's nothing under there!" How little adults understand the terror and fear at hand. Monsters hide in the shadows of our disorientated minds glimpsed in absent thoughts and dreams just before we fall apart at the seams. The power to feel or make us kneel to see beauty beyond compare or live a nightmare.

Magic and wonder are in our hands or memories and monsters and despair. Devils and demons make their demands choose wisely till you understand.

The worst ones aren’t even there

the sneaky sly ones glimpsed in shadows

unspoken sighs in evil eyes

monsters are coming to get you.



Peter Devonald is poet in residence at Haus-a-rest, regular columnist for Culture and Arts, and Heart Of The Heatons poetry winner. 50+ poems published / forthcoming in 2022: Artist's Responding to..., ArtLove02, Bolton Breakdown, Dear Politicians: Ecopoetry, Dirigible Balloon, Dwell Time Press, Forget-Me-Not Press, Greenhouse, 6 issues Haus-a-rest, RIVISTA, Sixpence Society, Shallot, Spoonie, Suburban Witchcraft, Substantially Unlimited: Stigma, and Wishbone Words. Five group shows including Tender Stems with PaintingWriting, Chronically Online Culturable Layered Onion. Featured in Poetic Map of Reading and Southwark Festival Of Words. 50+ film awards, former mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys) and Children’s Bafta nominated. Manchester based, Peter runs monthly 8-word stories for Heaton/Cheadle/Didsbury Post.

Peter can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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