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lineage of cloth dying - redaction from The Exorcist (1973)

By Callie S. Blackstone

Dyer exists. We slowly zoom in on Damien while he's asleep. He starts to dream and we see the images that come into his head. There is falling medallion, a swing pendulum in a clock and a running dog. He then sees his mother ascending a subway tunnel tothe street, Karras is on the other side of the street and although there is no sound, we can see that Damien is calling "Momma" and Mrs. Karras is calling "Damien". A white demonic face flashes a split second as Karras starts to run across the street to his mother, but we see her once again descend to the subway.

We see the falling medallion again and as it hits the floor, the silence is broken by Regan's screaming.


Callie S. Blackstone writes both poetry and prose. Her debut chapbook sing eternal is available through Bottlecap Press. Her online home is She can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.


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