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By Aurynanya

She’s bored with her fancy dolls and little girl dresses

Forced to act the age in which she was taken

Will she ever have a real woman’s curves or tresses?

Her physical desires will soon awaken

But her body will never change

She feels like she’s forever cursed

And love is confusing and strange

The man at her feet twisted and jerked.

She marvels over her latest creation

He has come completely undone

As he makes his horrifying transformation

She leads him to temptation

He’s overcome with an irresistible thirst

for his beginners bite.

He has no distaste for blood at first

much to her delight.

She dresses him up, parades him around

He is hers to teach, to do with as she wishes

There’s an advantage for the two in the victims they’ve found

A dapper man and a precious little girl is less suspicious

Life flows from the necks of the unsuspecting

Charmed and seduced as they summon their own downfall

They finish off their prey, unmerciful and unrelenting

She is pleased with the making of her newest living dead doll.


Aurynanya lives and writes in Central Massachusetts. She often goes by “Aury” in the writing community. She writes beautiful, dark and devastating poetry, using her creativity for both her words and graphical presentations, giving her work a powerful prophetic punch. When not busy creating, Aury enjoys immersing herself in poetry, graphic design and art, thriller and horror novels, movies and music. She especially loves lyrics. Aurynanya’s work can be found online and in print. She also happens to be owned by two spoiled black cats.

She can be found online here.


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