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Bend Don't Break

By Jay Calvano

"Do you remember before you were born ?"

The Moon asks as it peers down from its celestial perch breathe

"do you want me to tell you ?"

chirps The Moon

remember when you were a tree

all rooted and made of bark

"bend, don't break."

your mother would whisper to you when you were little leaves ruffle in the wind

the lake water is your new lifeblood now

in the bosom of mother nature, you'll hibernate until you are ready The Moon giggles as you come out of the trance of that lost memory, eyes as wide as saucers.

"that was then. This is now."

sighs the Moon

"do you want to see what you become next?"


Jay Calvano works as a supervisor at LEGO in Canada's capital of Ottawa, When he is not doing that he enjoys long walks into the void and browsing the internet he can be found online at on Twitter and Instagram.


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