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The Patchwork Quilt
Volume 1, Issue 4

December 27, 2021

"How does one convey a big hug? A warm embrace? A family tale? A fireside love? It can be a tricky theme and we knew that coming into it."

Read the Letter from the Editor

Barrett white, editor-in-chief


"The Importance of Femininity"

By Cyrine Sinti

"The House of Joy"

By J.E. Sumerau

"Metro Coffeehouse & Pub"

By J.E. Sumerau



By Vanessa Maderer

"4: Beryllium; Be"

By Andre F. Peltier

"Words from Clay"

By Andre F. Peltier


By Maggie Petrella

"For Julie Hilden, in memoriam"

By Dylan Willoughby

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