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By Vanessa Maderer

Editor's Note: Due to the formatting of this poem, it is best viewed on a desktop browser.

I love to get tipsy off the moonshine

Dappling through emaciating treetops,

Soaking reddening leaves in silver light

Until they bronze, and it feels like

I could pluck from above these

Metal petals forged by gin-soaked starlight

So strong of fuel I constantly await

For fresh autumnal air to combust into

Iridescent galaxies, marking the solstice

With watercolour skies.

And so I hold constellations on my tongue,

Relishing the burn before I swallow them down

And let potent cosmos blur the rougher edges of my mind

Into moondrunk euphoria.


Vanessa Maderer was a young reader turned editor, writer, and finally enthusiastic poet who has recently debuted her first chapbook entitled, ‘Cusp of Dusk’ after a decade of revision. Now, she has an insatiable appetite for new ideas and themes, and can be found most easily through Twitter.


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