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[untitled 2]

By Ivan de Monbrison

Пыль покрывает лицо.

Бутылка вина

На столе,

Сигарета горит сама по себе,

на твоих губах.

Ты наливаешь бокал вина,

Ты пьешь,

И через твое тело,

Мы можем увидеть вино

Которое течёт в твое живот.

Dust covers your face.

A bottle of wine

Is on the table,

A cigarette burning alone

On your lips.

You pour a glass of wine,

You drink,

And through your body,

We can see the wine

Flowing down into your belly.


Ivan de Monbrison is a poet and artist living in Paris born in 1969 and affected by various types of mental disorders. He has been published in the past in various literary magazines in French, English and Russian. He can be found on Instagram.


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