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[untitled 3]

By Ivan de Monbrison

взгляд, сделанный из камня.

Статуя говорит.

Твои глаза стерты.

Ты не видел себя стареющим.

Снаружи проезжает машина.

Люди приходят и уходят со своей жизнью.

Все скоро умрут

И ты тоже,

Ты рисуешь картину,

Срываешь ее

А ложись спать.

A stone glaze.

The statue speaks.

Your eyes are erased.

You haven’t seen yourself aging.

Outside, a car passing by,

People come and go busy with their lives.

They’ll all die soon.

And so will you,

You draw a picture,

Rip it off

And go to sleep.


Ivan de Monbrison is a poet and artist living in Paris born in 1969 and affected by various types of mental disorders. He has been published in the past in various literary magazines in French, English and Russian. He can be found on Instagram.


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