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The Mess She Made

By Aurynanya

She spent forever in front of the mirror trying to find answers for things that can’t even be seen with the naked eye. She sneered at her reflection, sickened by the sight of herself. Gritting her teeth, she finally tore the heart off her sleeve. Just ripped it off. Feelings and all. The wound oozed, but not as badly as anticipated. Such a bloody mess. It really should be tended to, though.

The sewing scissors were the perfect choice to cut through all of this emotion. The heart would take a new shape, a new purpose, a new home. She knew better than to just cut before drawing out her pattern. The black permanent marker trailed over the bumps and ridges along the outside of the heart as she drew out its final form. The scissors cut through the hardened and forgotten parts of the heart. Such a bloody mess. It really should be cleaned up, though.

In the shape of a stop sign with the word “LOVE” written in bold and messy black Sharpie, the heart continued to beat in her hand. Studying the heart closely, she looked in the mirror again and held the heart up to her face. She slowly took a staple gun and stapled the heart to her forehead. A reminder to think before she loves again. Desire dripped down her cheeks. Such a bloody mess.


Aurynanya lives and writes in the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. She writes beautifully dark and devastating poetry that invokes the raw, the honest, and the beautifully tragic. When not busy creating, Aury enjoys immersing herself in poetry, graphic design, art, mental health advocacy, thriller/horror novels, movies, and music (especially lyrics). She also happens to be owned by two spoiled black cats. Visit her website at for more information or to get involved with current projects!


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