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slow haze

By Noah Rymer

tripped by sunbeams

pricked by shadows

felled like swarthy forests

by acidic torrents of kindness

mindless remaining blind to it all

love inherited inebriated tall

wine in gall such stupor

brings me to weakened knees

confessional like Death murmuring

through thorny screens

sorry it seems to be so free

the soul’s silkscreen dreams

chomping at the bit foaming over reams

of unwritten love letters better left unsent

candlelight spent agonizing night’s pitch-tent

crowbar ill-bent prying sighing still divining yet

see like the blind man in storm

lightning illuminates his forms

hallucinations caught in braille

golden mast flooding rare sail

soil enriched crouches corpses

sordid in detail in abstract morbid

lorded over by kings spades

digging dead ripples of waves


Noah Rymer is a Virginian poet/writer who is trying to channel the high strangeness that surrounds him. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of Pere Ube, as well as an undergrad working diligently towards his degree in Pataphysics. You can find his work online.


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