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by SOUM (Screams of Unfettered Minds)

Smoking is a suicidal act

But you don’t see that even as

A nicotine haze blackens

Your personal space, your

Long-suffering lungs

Burn, crying to

You, please stop



THE END (a nonet poem)


SOUM (Screams of Unfettered Minds) is a collaboration of three Pasifika women from New Zealand, who prefer their art and poetry to speak for them. This newly-formed trio describe their style as raw, unpolished, tongue-in-cheek, unapologetic, unfiltered, born from years of shadow-work and presented straight from the heart. They champion mental awareness and social issues and gain inspiration from the struggles of everyday people; the darker aspects of their physical, mental and spiritual battles.

You can find SOUM on Twitter or on their homepage.


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