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Scar Tissue

By Amy Gillies

the stillness of

that moment

her touch

and hesitation

as she traced

the length of

the scar on my


the mole they

removed was

deemed benign

the procedure

a wasted attempt to

cleanse my skin

and in its place is

the mark of the

surgeon who had

forgotten it was

his wife’s

birthday as he

secured the

stitches in place

and when her

tongue caressed the

scar tissue, I closed

my eyes and recalled

her birthday

she was born in late

autumn a contrast

to my early spring

perhaps we were

always supposed to

be as changeable

as the weather

that birthed us


Amy Gillies completed an MFA in Fine Art from Kingston School of Art, where she previously studied a BA Hons in Fine Art and Art History. Since graduating, Amy has taken part in the Artists in Residence programme at One Paved Court in Richmond and has exhibited and performed at various galleries including Saatchi Gallery and The Courtauld. Her work has been published in Secret Chords: A Poetry Anthology of the Best of Folklore Prize, Alternate Route and The Jupiter Review, Stone of Madness Press, Swim Press and Tiny Wren.


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