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By Ryan Stephen Thornton

When the ghosts have stopped haunting,

The haunted start their ghosting,

When the red flags are up as bunting

The parade is toxic, we’ve accepted it all

Call me an empath, I’m a sucker for heart

But yours.


Ryan Stephen Thornton (he/him) is a working-class poet, writer, performance-maker, and chaotic bisexual, born & bred (& dripping) in Yorkshire.

His ongoing obsessions include: books, queer history, books, antique spoons, waistcoats, books, cuban heels, mugs with swear words, balloon-sleeve shirts, & more books.

His PhD research takes the phrase “this has queer energy, no I will not elaborate” and attempts to elaborate; so far, it’s not going so well (about a year ago someone asked him to define “queer energy” and he hasn’t stopped talking yet). His life motto would be: if in doubt, velvet. His work has so far been published in Impostor Journal & Powders Press.

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.


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