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night alone

By Daniel Groves

ha ha ha

Welcome again

And come on in

It’s only freaks in here

The dark night soothes

And calls your name

You’ve nothing left to fear

Ha Ha Ha ha ha

They never end

Those quiet screams

That fill you up inside

We’ll lend a hand

And pull you in

You’ve no place left to hide

Ha ha ha

The blackness comes

Envelopes you

It blankets you and all

We’re here to stay

Get comfy, son

There’s no one left to call

Ha ha ha ha ha HA HA

We’ve chosen you

Won’t let you go

Your trapped in our embrace

Turn off your mind

Blot out your thoughts

The music’s left to face

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA


Daniel Groves is an emerging author from Ohio whose work appears in Roi Faineant Press, The Minison Project, Erato Magazine, Filter Coffee Zine, and BUBBLE Magazine. He is a writer who is different and enjoys being that way. He believes that we should bring back carrier pigeons as a reliable method of communication, feels there should be no word limit restrictions regarding submitting fiction to literary magazines, loves both singing and sports, and is apparently a collector of college degrees (so far owning three). He continues to write for himself and finds happiness in the process.

He can be found on Twitter.


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