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My Condolence

By Emma Ejoh

To live at your fullest

You must first

Die at your lowest.

I wake up each morning

With a heavy heart

And a tainted soul

One driven by guilt.

I am frightened

By the actions


Made from a drenched heart.

A heart soaked in blood and whiskey

So I can drown my sorrows

At the abyss of undesirous thoughts.

How do I tell the woman

Who conceived me against all odds

That I chose me?

I chose to save myself

Than give light to the life

I bore inside me.

Complete opposites

She and I are.

I defied nature

Surrendered to my apprehension

The dark cloud struck

Until I could not feel whole


My demons became reality

One I found solace in.

Perishing in my own blood

Didn't phase me.

Our destinies should never have aligned


a part of me died that sunny day.

Whatever bloomed


No more fountain of tears

As that dried up too.


I am free

Or so I thought.


Emma Ejoh is a Nigerian writer amongst other things. Emma lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied International Relations at Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria.

When she's not writing, she is definitely creating one way or another. She enjoys art in all forms, and has a particular interest in culinary arts as well as script writing.

She hopes to connect with people through words and to help express that which has been silenced. As an only child to a single mother, writing was a way for her voice to be heard, and it still is.

Emma is currently working on a book of poetry, and looks forward to sharing it with the world in hopes that it would connect to the hidden reality of life as we know it.


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