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Ex Paradiso

By Hannah Dutton

I will own 7 trumpets.

Ride my skeletal horse through hellfire

Let my name be cataclysm

Let smoke pour from my eyes

hands become talons.

Let my name be Ineffable.

I have spent too long with a lamb’s ear tongue

Slice it. Make it forked.

I will dine on pomegranates 

dark juice drip from stained lips

Let my name be Persephone.

Scream blood into ice,

watch it float down the river in sheets.

Remember warmth like a distant lover.

Drape myself in velvet,

wait for Revelation.


Hannah Dutton (she/her) is a poet, archaeologist and professor based in the woods and lakes of New England. She edits for a zine project "Victory Gardens". Her work appears in Centripetal, Livina Poetry and The People's Poetry NH volumes 1-3.

She can be found across social media @lifeinsherds.


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