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by Celeste Pfister

This dream wails 

while I sleep snoring:

a cup clatters to the floor   

fractures at my feet crack!

hurling word bombs and blades

you machete our bedsheets

the air explodes

with a whoosh 

like a house on fire

and the cuts still burn

though you’re gone

gone these forty years.


Celeste Pfister has long been writing poetry in the shadows of her roles including mother, physician, teacher, mentor, writer, artist, musician. She has taught literary courses and has been published in Persimmon Tree, Reunion (Shodair Children's Hospital), and The American Psychoanalyst.  She publishes a bi-weekly blog, "Creative Inspiration," on topics of art and poetry.  She lives in Venice, Florida. 

Find Celeste at, on Instagram @celestialmixedmediaworks, and at


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