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By Taylor Moessinger

I have not conceived of you in my body

but you are in the earliest stages of creation in my mind

whirling slowly, layered bokeh

edges shifting, forms twist

your atoms beginning to take shape

flittering this way and that

as you pulse, float, be

you are neither real nor imaginary


you are

a rorschach test

in the space between seen and comprehended

I don't understand what you are, what you will become

as I am indeterminate

making space

accommodating the questions

the fears

the greater truths

as I am in the space between knowing

and creating

your existence

but the space between has lasted a long time

the inkblot, always at the edge of periphery

are you my destiny?

or does my destiny begin and end outside of the context

of my sex

we are intertwined

yet distinctly separate

you are imagined, pondered

an unexplored daydream

and so I ask

the trees

the wind

the unnoticed, unseen life teeming all around me

that flows through us all

to guide me

I sit in silence

the moment of approach is on the far horizon

Will it ever come?


Taylor Moessinger is a creative living in Seattle, WA by way of Houston and Austin, Texas. She can most frequently be found involved with theatre (plays and musicals) both on stage and off, but she has, on occasion, also dabbled in modeling, photography, writing, and generally celebrating artistry of all kinds. Her favorite place to be is surrounded by nature and the unconsidered life all around us.


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